ITS-EMS Code of Conduct

Morale – We will maintain and promote a positive company culture.  We are committed to exhibiting confidence, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned tasks.  The spirit of our group will make all its members want to succeed.

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Integrity – Having the character and moral soundness to stand complete and united in purpose and job knowledge.  To uphold the quality and quantity of service and confidentiality expected by our patients, facilities, and co-workers.

ITS-EMS is a locally owned and managed organization serving Central Indiana.  We have a deep rooted and long standing commitment to the EMS industry.  ITS-EMS requires its team members to go about their duties with professional attitudes and demeanor.  Achieving this goal is obtained through our code of conduct and a mission statement that guides our actions.

Our Mission Statement:

We will work diligently, individually and as a team, to the best of our abilities.  We will, with safety, ethics and integrity guiding our actions, provide excellence in service and make a difference in the communities we serve.

Engagement – Our actions and our continuous positive attitude will be the voice that speaks of the high level of our dedication towards a true service focused organization.

Teamwork – A commitment to participate with others within and outside of the organization to build relationships, maintain a safe and secure work environment and achieve common goals.

Service– The ability to provide an organized system that performs timely and professional transportation for our facilities.  Giving competent and compassionate care to our patients while always remembering patients are the purpose of our work not the cause of our work.

Sincerity – We agree not only to do what we say but also conduct our actions from an honest noble heart of genuine caring, concern, and compassion.  This we do for our patients, patrons, and our co-workers.